COVID-19 Update April 2, 2020: Production is put on hold at this time.

Cookie Ordering, Shipping & Refunds

how sweet to chEAT cookies are made fresh to order without preservatives, so feel free to treat yourself and enjoy upon receiving.

They are not cold packed. If you require additional preservation or packaging of cookies, please email

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for review of your order before preparation and production prior to shipping of product. 

SHIPPING: Every Tuesday (no holiday shipping) to ensure that all cookies arrive to the customer on time, without delay over the weekend.

Orders are open daily, unless otherwise specified. All orders made after 7am every Monday will be shipped the following Tuesday. It is advised to place your order as early as possible.


Boulevard Fitness - 2110 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92104. You will receive an e-mail communication with the specific pickup time when the cookies will be available.

All pickup orders that are not claimed after 72 hours from pickup notification will be discarded - no refund will be provided.


All cookie orders shipped are non-refundable. After package has left baking facility, package is in USPS carrier hands. Damages or delays to packages are not the responsibility of how sweet to chEAT. 

If the wrong shipping address is provided or parcel is returned to how sweet to chEAT, refunds will not be provided.