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Meet Kristine, CEO & Founder of how sweet to chEAT

Kristine AyangcoKristine stage photo

Kristine is a San Diego native and has five siblings that are now spread across California and Nevada. Growing up in a Filipino-American household, she was always surrounded by food whether she was cooking it, or eating it at a family party. Kristine's father taught her how to cook at a very young age, and her mother taught her the importance of fitness for a strong mind and body. Most importantly, Kristine's passion and love for carbs fueled her desire to learn the art of baking on her own.

In college, Kristine majored in Nursing and Kinesiology and used fitness as an outlet for stress relief. She started doing Spartan and Tough Mudder races almost every other month with her older brother for two years. Kristine is a Registered Nurse and an expert in her specialized nursing field. She thought nursing was her calling in life, but after many years, Kristine was not entirely content or satisfied. What she did know was that baking brought her happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

Kristine is a seasoned national level bikini bodybuilding competitor. With every competition prep, she gained an even stronger appreciation for great food and exceptional desserts. Kristine started gifting her baked goods to coworkers, friends, and fellow bodybuilding competitors which eventually led her to pursue the business world.

In 2018, Kristine founded how sweet to chEAT INC and established how sweet to chEAT as an e-commerce business. She has made a commitment to making every batch perfect and creating a memorable consumer experience.

The name how sweet to chEAT is meant to appeal to ones' emotions and make a genuine connection to something tangible. Kristine united cheating in fitness and in relationships together, comically naming every cookie after a relationship dynamic such as The "Ex-Wife," The "Prenup," or the best selling "Homewrecker." Kristine wants her cookies to feel like a true "cheat." She believes that if you are going to chEAT, make sure it's worth the calories... but don't cheat the chEAT.

P.S. The cookies have all the macros, all the gluten, all the butter, all the sugar, and some protein by default. They have everything that's good for your soul.